The Benefits of Dental Bridge Restorations

Are you about to restore your oral health with a dental bridge? If so, you’re on your way toward a top-notch smile once again! There are many reasons why your dentist, Dr. Cathy Fermelia, recommends replacing your tooth with a dental bridge, and our dental team is happy to tell... Read more »

Dental Tips Vital to Oral Health on Cavity Prevention Treatments

Many oral accidents and injuries are a known cause of enamel damage. Typically, erosion occurs when harmful acids chew through your tooth enamel. If this happens, the enamel damage can leave your teeth susceptible to further oral health harm in the form of infections and pulp damage. Thus, cavity prevention... Read more »

A Minor Dental Fracture Might Be Repaired with a Composite or Amalgam Dental Filling

If you have a bad habit of crunching on ice, chewing medications, or using your teeth to open packaging, you could be placing your teeth at increased risk of suffering a fracture. It’s also worth noting that athletes who fail to use a protective mouth guard during required times, are... Read more »

Yearly Oral Health Reminders: Dental Sealants

If you are in need of dental sealants, it means you are focused on preventing tooth decay and cavities. Dental sealants are designed as a surface treatment that goes across your teeth for protection. Although dental sealants are effective for treating all teeth, they are most effective on the back... Read more »

Facts and Tips About Tongue Cleaning

The toothbrush and floss are regularly the stars of the show, but what do you know about their little brother, the tongue scraper? Tongue scrapers may not be as central to oral health as toothbrushes and floss, but they can be a great rounding-out to your hygiene habits if you’re... Read more »

Enhancing Your Smile with Halitosis Treatments

As the end of the year holiday seasons begin to unfold, it is important to keep your teeth and gums safe from the numerous sweets and treats that seek to destroy them. To help with issues that may arise with your oral health, always make sure you're practicing safe and... Read more »

How Much Do You Know About Dental Care?

Dental care is a complex subject. The more you know, the better equipped you will be to take care of your smile. So, how much do you truly know about dental care in? If you’re not sure, our dentist, Dr. Cathy Fermelia, invites you to find out by taking our... Read more »

Complications From Gum Disease

Gum disease is a serious matter. While many people may understand that gum disease can lead to lost teeth and bad breath, much more serious issues can develop if gum disease is not addressed. If gum disease if left untreated, you can lose mass in your jawbone. However, if you... Read more »

A Historical Timeline of Ancient Dentistry

Have you ever wondered how dentistry began? Its roots go much deeper than that of your teeth – all the way back to 12,000 BC. Here’s a short timeline of some important events in the history of dentistry: 12,000 BC:An infected tooth from ancient Italy around this time period contains... Read more »

Whiten Your Teeth With an In-Office Treatment

Everyone wants a brighter and whiter smile. A nice smile can get you noticed and can give you a boost of self-confidence. There are a multitude of mouthwashes and toothpastes on the market that can whiten your teeth. And there is no shortage of kits, strips and other products that... Read more »