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Our dentist, Dr. Cathy Fermelia will sometimes recommend a dental bridge to replace a tooth that was lost to a severe cavity, dental fracture or had to be extracted. The bridge will be mounted on crowns on the teeth at either end of the space in your smile.

Once the crown has been cemented into place with a strong dental grade adhesive, the restoration should last for many years. But, it is still possible for something like an accidental blow to the mouth or a chronic oral health condition to weaken the bond, causing your dental bridge to feel loose.

If you have a dental bridge that is fractured or feels loose in any way, you need to have it examined by the dentist and staff at Academy Park Dental Assoc. as soon as possible.
If the teeth with the crowns are unaffected, the dentist might be able to clean your dental bridge and cement it back in place. If one of the crowns or the tooth it covers has been compromised, the dentist might need to perform a root canal to before placing a new bridge.

If you live in the Lakewood, Colorado, area and you have a loose or otherwise compromised dental bridge, you should call 303-987-2121 to have it examined and treated at Academy Park Dental Assoc..