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If you have a bad habit of crunching on ice, chewing medications, or using your teeth to open packaging, you could be placing your teeth at increased risk of suffering a fracture. It’s also worth noting that athletes who fail to use a protective mouth guard during required times, are also at great risk of suffering fractured tooth enamel.

Even if the dental fracture is minor, and you aren’t in pain, you should still have the tooth examined as soon as possible to prevent a severe cavity from afflicting the tooth. If the dental fracture is minimal, Dr. Cathy Fermelia might be able to repair the tooth with a composite or amalgam dental filling.

This outpatient treatment method starts with Dr. Cathy Fermelia numbing the tooth and surrounding gums. Most people choose an injection of Novocain to ensure their comfort throughout the treatment.

Dr. Cathy Fermelia will then use a special dental drill to remove the decayed enamel to provide a clean healthy surface to secure the dental filling.

Both amalgam and composite dental fillings can be applied in a single appointment. Amalgam uses a metallic blend of durable dental metals, which makes them a good choice for repairing a dental fracture on one of your back teeth.

A composite dental filling is made from a special type of dental resin that can be shaded to perfectly match with the surrounding enamel, which makes it a good option for repairing a visible chip.

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