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Your best smile often lies deep within your oral health care repertoire. To bring it out, begin to exercise caution with your day-to-day activities and dietary selections. Also, eliminate unhealthy habits in your life that not only destroy your smile but are doing damage to your body as well. Once you have begun to repair all aspects of your life, your smile will begin to thrive as well.

Building a better smile consists of making sure you are taking care of your teeth on a daily basis. Always exercise caution with any products that can easily chip or crack your teeth. This includes trying to use your teeth for any task for which it is not intended, such as chewing on pens, pen caps, or biting on your nails. All of these substances can easily chip or crack your teeth or even wear down your tooth enamel. Thus, avoid these bad habits as much as possible.

Exercise caution with products in your diet that can easily cause stains and discolorations. This includes coffee and red wine. Furthermore, unhealthy habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco have also been known to cause staining. If you do suffer from any stains, visit your dentist for a professional tooth whitening treatment.

No matter which dental danger prevention treatment you desire, Dr. Cathy Fermelia and our team at Academy Park Dental Assoc. will care for your smile with dental danger prevention treatments. To book an oral exam, routine checkup, or professional cleaning at our dentist office in Lakewood, Colorado, please contact us at 303-987-2121.