Important Facts about Early Dental Care Measures: Can Pacifiers Hurt Your Child’s Teeth?

As a concerned parent, you might be worried that your infant’s pacifier would cause significant harm or tooth deterioration. Despite bodies of research showing that pacifiers can have a profound calming effect on children, the fact remains that the pacifier is a foreign object, and your little one might get... Read more »

How Much Fluoride Do You Need and How Much Is Too Much?

The fluoride issue has become of national concern when dentists realized that fluoride was lacking from our regular diets. As a result, many states have changed their policies to include fluoride into the water supply. However, as it often happens with using specific chemicals for specific purposes, the body only... Read more »

Gum Disease Prevention at an Early Age – Are My Child’s Gums in Trouble?

Should you consider gum disease prevention measures for your child at an early age? Gum disease is a prevalent condition that typically appears in anyone from children to elders. If left untreated, it can develop into severe forms of the disorder, and lead to debilitating consequences.   In the case... Read more »

Great Tips to Help You Get Rid of a Toothache as Fast as Possible

If you’re experiencing a toothache, the problem might be more deeply rooted than you think. Cavities can appear on short notice, and the pain they cause can be quite excruciating.   Fortunately, you don’t have to call off work immediately or avoid a potentially good business deal just because your... Read more »

Protect Your Smile from Plaque and Tartar

Your oral health is the driving force behind clear speech, chewing food and making some facial expressions. You can keep your oral health stable by using daily oral hygiene routines to prevent issues such as oral cancer, tooth decay and gum disease. To help you protect your oral health, we... Read more »

Buy a New Toothbrush When You Recover

Have you ever accidentally used someone else's toothbrush? It happens. In fact, someone may have used your toothbrush and once realizing it ... put it back without telling you. The horror! Many families will color-code their toothbrushes to keep this from happening, but even then they may be storing their... Read more »

Should I Rinse with Mouthwash Every Day?

Adding mouthwash to your daily routine and using it properly can offer your dental health many positive benefits. In particular, mouthwash can treat bad breath and keep it at bay throughout the day so that your mouth can continue to feel fresh and clean. Mouthwash is very helpful for your... Read more »

A Compromised Dental Bridge Needs Immediate Attention

Our dentist, Dr. Cathy Fermelia will sometimes recommend a dental bridge to replace a tooth that was lost to a severe cavity, dental fracture or had to be extracted. The bridge will be mounted on crowns on the teeth at either end of the space in your smile. Once the... Read more »

Dental Dangers: The Susceptibility of a Smile

  Your best smile often lies deep within your oral health care repertoire. To bring it out, begin to exercise caution with your day-to-day activities and dietary selections. Also, eliminate unhealthy habits in your life that not only destroy your smile but are doing damage to your body as well.... Read more »

Dentistry Essentials 101: Dental Bonding

Numerous procedures exist within dentistry to repair your smile. Depending on the damage you have, or the look you're desiring, speak with your dentist to determine which procedure is best for you. If you have suffered any minor surface damage to teeth, a dental bonding procedure can be beneficial. Listed... Read more »