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Toothbrush With Flouride Toothpaste

The fluoride issue has become of national concern when dentists realized that fluoride was lacking from our regular diets. As a result, many states have changed their policies to include fluoride into the water supply. However, as it often happens with using specific chemicals for specific purposes, the body only needs so much of them. So how much fluoride is enough and how much of it is just too much for the body to handle?


Scientists doing research on the effects of fluoride on the body have concluded that about 1.0 parts per million (1 milligram per liter) added to the water supply, is enough for fluoride to have a strong effect on tooth decay prevention. In fact, research done as early as 1945 has shown that school children who drank water containing similar amounts of fluoride have experienced a 60% statistical decrease in tooth decay.


These findings are significant, and they have been confirmed in modern times as well. But with the many sources of fluoride available today, the question can be asked, how much is too much?  The best bet is to have your children and you have regular check ups with Lakewood dentists to keep your teeth healthy.


Scientists have recommended reducing the amount of fluoride in water to 0.7 mg/liter, because of growing concerns that kids under the age of 8 might have a higher risk of developing dental fluorosis. Despite this fact, the EPA’s maximum contaminant level goal for fluoride is as high as 4 mg/liter. Considering the body of research that supports this fact, you definitely have nothing to worry about when it comes to the regular sources of fluoride you currently have access to.