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Do you have signs of oral cancer? Signs of oral cancer may include odd discoloration in the mouth, sores that never seem to go away, or lumps of unusual tissue in the neck, cheeks, lips, gums, or throat areas. Academy Park Dental Assoc. checks for these symptoms when you come to your appointments twice a year.

For suspicious looking sores or infections in the mouth, your dentist will use a brush to perform an oral brush biopsy. This painless technique simply takes the brush and scrapes tissue cells off the suspected area. These cells are then closely examined.

If further tests need to be done, then you will go under local anesthesia to have a scalpel biopsy done, which takes a part of the tissue from the area to be examined further and be fully tested for any cancer. Your dentist or a recommended professional will do the procedure.

In order to stop growth, prevent spreading, and get rid of all the cancer, surgery will be required to cut out cancerous tissue followed by radiation therapy or chemotherapy to get rid of any possible cancer cells.

To help prevent oral cancer, you can follow a healthy, oral care regimen (brushing and flossing daily to avoid infection), conduct an at-home exam every month by feeling and looking closely inside your mouth for signs, not using tobacco or smoking, drink alcohol at a minimum, and maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a well-balanced diet.

Give Academy Park Dental Assoc. a call at 303-987-2121 if you have any signs or pain in the neck or mouth that can’t be explained. Our office here in Lakewood, Colorado is dedicated to providing the best care for you and your smile!