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Are you getting oral cancers screenings regularly? Having cancer screenings is the most important thing you can do to protect yourself, as the sooner the disease is caught, the greater the likelihood a successful recovery there can be. In America alone, over 42,000 people will be identified with oral cancer this year.

Check to make sure you are not suffering from any unusual rashes or swelling in your mouth, including irregular lumps, bumps, sores, lesions, and patches. Also look for rare discolorations in your gum tissue, including speckled patches.

Another common symptom of oral cancer is unexplained weight loss. If you have noticed an unusual amount of weight loss with no real change to your diet or lifestyle, seek out an oral cancer screening at our office as soon as you can. Other symptoms include continuous sore throats, strange wounds in your face, head, and neck area that fail to heal after 2 months, numbness or loss of pain in your mouth, random earaches, and difficulty speaking, chewing, or swallowing.

If you would like a oral cancer screening from Academy Park Dental Assoc. at our dentist office in Lakewood, Colorado, please contact us at 303-987-2121. Dr. Cathy Fermelia and the rest of our team will ensure you get the healthy smile you desire. We can’t wait to help correct your smile so it can shine brightly for many years to come!