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If you are in need of dental sealants, it means you are focused on preventing tooth decay and cavities. Dental sealants are designed as a surface treatment that goes across your teeth for protection. Although dental sealants are effective for treating all teeth, they are most effective on the back teeth, such as the molars and premolars.

Numerous studies have been done on the effect of dental sealants. Dental sealants can lower your risk of tooth decay by as much as 80% with a single sealant application. Furthermore, they are safe and effective and can easily last a decade of support before they may need to be replaced.

Dental sealants have also been proven safe for children who are more likely to develop cavities due to excessive sugar consumption. They are safe enough to place around the age of 6 when a child’s first molars begin to grow in. Once in place, children are three times less likely to develop cavities on teeth protected by dental sealants. Furthermore, dental sealants go on clear, which can allow the natural beauty of teeth to shine through.

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