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Crowns are a relatively common form of restorative dentistry, used in the treatment of damaged teeth. Damaged teeth are a part of life and can come about through many ways. Tooth injuries incurred during contact sports such as football are a common reason for people to seek out restorative dentistry. Though this isn’t the only way such things occur. Teeth can also become damaged through neglect. The eventual tooth decay causes a breakdown of the enamel. This can lead to painful break in the affected tooth. Dental crowns are one of the more familiar forms of treatments for these issues.

The treatment consists of scraping away the enamel of the damaged tooth to form a post for the tooth, called an abutment. After that, our dentist, Dr. Cathy Fermelia will form a cap over the abutment. The cap is made from porcelain, or metal, or a combination of both if it is needed. The purpose of a cap is to add strength to the affected area to restore pain free use of the tooth. The cap is molded perfectly for the tooth in order to completely replace the lost enamel before being glued into place.

Care of the dental crown is important. Though not subject to decay, the surrounding area is. Brush and floss regularly to avoid this damage to the tooth which can cause the crown to loosen.

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